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August 2022 : We are currently recruiting postdocs and lab technicians for two projects in the lab. In addition to people interested in basic Immunology (see:,,, we are also recruiting for a collaborative project that tracks the initial immune responses to vaccines using molecular profiling and computational models.

Graduate Students & Rotations: Note that graduate students interested in the lab must apply to the UMSOM graduate program : But feel free to contact Nevil if you have any questions about graduate research opportunities in the lab.

Interns and Post Bacs: Unlike some institutions, we do not have a separate post-bac trainee track at the UMSOM. If you are taking a gap year after school or looking to spend 1-2 years gaining research wisdom, you would typically be hired in a staff position (as a lab technician or research assistant). Regardless of the title, the position involves significant training as a student - not just in assisting with experiments. You would participate in independent projects, journal clubs, data presentations, attend conferences (if available) and take courses (as required) in consultation with Nevil. Contact the lab if you are interested.

Summary of Current Lab Positions :

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